Edible Cookie Dough

“Don’t do it! You’ll get sick!”

“There’s raw eggs in there! Don’t eat it!”

“You’ll get a huge tummy ache if you eat that!”

These were among the many things my parents and grandparents would say as I tried to sneak some raw cookie dough into my mouth when I was younger. But I always managed to sneak some when they weren’t looking (oops). My absolute favourite is the classic chocolate chip.

Don’t you wish you can eat cookie dough without worrying about getting sick afterwards? (the answer is yes) Well your prayers (and mine) have been answered by the cookie dough gods. (bless up) There are cookie dough recipes out there that make it safe to eat casually. Seriously though, whoever created these recipes is a genius and I thank them dearly.

What’s in the cookie dough that makes it safe to eat?

  1. The recipes are eggless. Ingesting raw eggs can put your body at risk of Salmonella. Substituting eggs with other ingredients will obviously remove this risk.
  2. The flour within the dough is pre-baked before being mixed with the other ingredients. Ingesting uncooked flour can put your body at risk of bacteria, such as E. coli. Baking it before mixing it with other ingredients will kill the bacteria.

So how does it compare to the real deal?

You be the judge! Test out these recipes I found from Tasty to find out! The link will bring you to a YouTube video that provides four different, simple, edible cookie dough recipes. The recipes are all in the description if the video is difficult to follow along. I really want to try out the classic chocolate chip recipe. YUM.

How can I get my hands on some pre-made edible cookie dough in Toronto, ON?

There are places that legitimately serve a scoop of cookie dough on a cone or in a cup (say whaaaat!). One particular place that offers this is Junked Food Co. in Toronto, ON (@junkedfoodco on Instagram). Click here to check out their cookie scoop menu. Holy cow, I want them all right now.



There’s a new little pop-up shop going up in Kensington Market tomorrow (June 24)!! It’s called Dough T.O. (@dough.to on Instagram). They have several flavours to choose from and have vegan options as well. Each one is served with an itty bitty cup of milk – how cute!



How about in the United States of America?

If you’re in the USA, you can purchase flavours made by The Cookie Dough Cafe from supermarkets, such as Walmart (@thecookiedoughcafe on Instagram). I tried to snag a container of this beautifulness in Las Vegas, NV, but I couldn’t find it… I guess I didn’t search hard enough for it… sad face.



It’s in ice cream too!?

Heck yeah! It took me a while to find a good cookie dough ice cream that had cookie dough pieces that actually tasted like cookie dough. But the search finally ended when I went to Ben and Jerry’s (@benandjerrys on Instagram). The scoop I ate had the perfect amount of cookie dough pieces (that actually tasted like cookie dough!!!) and the ice cream was very tasty as well!



Do you dare to hop on the edible cookie dough train? Those photos make it look so yummy, doughn’t you think!? HA

Let me know if you have a favourite cookie dough flavour and if you are going to try or have tried any of the recipes!


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