I am the author of these posts – a 21 year old Torontonian gal, first name Helen, middle name Elizabeth (anyone else think of Drake when they read that? just me? ok). I am a recent BScH graduate, seeker of adventure, nature enthusiast, lover of pizza and puns, chocoholic, succ-er for succulents, cheese connoisseur, and wannabe assistant regional manager at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc. That was totally copied and pasted from my first post so if you have read it already, I apologize for making you read it again. And if you haven’t, go read it here!!!! (please :))

What are you going to find on my blog? I’m planning to write about various topics. From travel/adventuring (whether the location be locally, provincially, or globally), to food, to favourites, to personal well-being. I hope you find some posts here interesting or helpful!

Aaand to put a face to all of this, here’s a photo of me showing off the Badlands in Caledon, Ontario. Such adventure. Much wow.


Cheltenham Badlands, Caledon, ON